I Pledge To...




Spend more time in the schools listening to students, parents, teachers, staff and administration to hear about the challenges but also about what celebrations are occurring. I also want to listen to our community and business leaders, as a district are we meeting the needs of our community and is our district meeting the needs of our business community with our graduating students and their post-graduation plans.

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Continue to study and analyze our district data and student achievement data. What are our current best practices and how are those practices closing the achievement gap and providing equal access to all students.

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Meet with Precinct 7 School Community Councils (SCC). Through the process of Shared Governance, our SCC’s know their schools best. What are the immediate needs and what are the long range plans. I want to gather as much information as possible to help support the site based decisions being made for the students of that school.

I believe that Salt Lake School District has the potential to lead the state in innovation and closing the achievement gap.   During our recent Superintendent search, more than 30 community outreach meetings were conducted to get feedback on what our communities were looking for in a superintendent. Not surprisingly, what rose to the top in these conversations were expectations of a high level of standards for the students of our district. Our students are making great gains, but we can still improve by evaluating our current practices, determine possible gaps in curriculum, materials and or methods of teaching. I look forward to continuing to support these efforts and representing our community as a member of Salt Lake Districts Board of Education.